Behind the scenes of #1 hypercasual game Bridge Race | Unity at GDC 2023

Total duration : 20min

Bridge Race was the most downloaded hypercasual game in the world in 2021 and 2022. Nebih Başaran, CEO and founder of Garawell Games, discusses the journey from turning the concept into a global hit. He’ll explore the entire journey, including ideation, marketability testing, choosing Supersonic as a publisher, and how they worked together to grow the game. Plus, dive into the specific optimizations on both the UA and in-game sides.

Learn more about their story:

Nebih Başaran, CEO and Founder of Garawell Games

0:00 Intro
1:18 About Garawell
2:44 Bridge Race overview and v1 origins
5:05 Bridge Race origins: v2
6:36 Bridge Race origins: v3
7:00 Bridge Race origins: v4
8:55 Bridge Race: the new game
10:43 Bridge Race: Final tweaks before launch
12:25 Bridge Race: LiveOps
14:15 Color Match - overview
15:30 Color Match - inspiration
16:42 Color Match - initial test
17:33 Color Match - iteration
18:30 Working with a publisher

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