Boeing Q&A: Machine learning and AR-powered aircraft inspection

Total duration : 11min

In this Q&A, Jack Hsu, senior manager at Boeing, dives into the making of Boeing's augmented reality (AR) for maintenance and inspection project. Learn how Boeing overcame development challenges by training machine learning algorithms with synthetic images to enable quick and easy aircraft inspection in AR.

Q&A table of contents:

0:18 - Can you give us an overview on how you use augmented reality (AR) for aircraft inspection?
1:37 - What was the process for existing inspections?
2:41 - How did you use machine learning to solve your problems?
4:30 - What role did synthetic play?
5:21 - How did you generate synthetic data?
6:42 - Do you think synthetic images are necessary in the process?
7:06 - Did synthetic data help reduce costs?
7:46 - What other problems can synthetic data solve?
8:55 - What other use cases can you see in the aerospace industry?
9:59 - What was it like to work with Unity Accelerate Solutions?

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