Building a Battle Royale Multiplayer Game with Photon Fusion | Unite 2022

Total duration : 28min

Dive into the development of a server-authoritative battle royale shooter for 200 players running a 60-ticks-per-second netcode. The project is available for free on the Unity Asset Store, powered by Photon Fusion and Multiplay hosting and matchmaking.

Erick Passos, SDK Lead Developer (Photon Engine)
Dan Richards, Staff Software Engineer (Unity)

Download the sample:

00:00 Intro
00:58 Agenda
01:30 What does it mean to be AAA grade
04:00 Sample Features
05:51 Photon Fusion Overview
10:53 Server Performance
13:43 Client Performance
15:17 Reaching world scale
20:30 Get started with Game Server Hosting
23:19 Matchmaking


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