Create advanced visual effects in VFX Graph: A portal effect | Tutorial

Total duration : 08min

See how to make a dynamic portal effect with sparks in VFX Graph – inspired by some of our favorite movie wizardry. The video covers steps including adding noise, physics, and randomness to show the general workflow of creating a simulation. The demo uses the portal assets from the free Visual Effect Graph Samples. Download it here:

Want to take your technical artwork to the next level? Here’s the complete e-book guide to getting started with the VFX Graph:

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00:00 Introduction to the VFX Graph
00:56 Torus setup
01:19 Blocking
01:28 Tangent velocities
02:04 Velocities
02:11 Output Particle Line
03:37 Output Particle Quad settings
04:26 Forces
05:19 Collisions
05:46 Randomness
06:29 Randomizations
07:02 Rotational pulses
07:52 Shader Graph
08:14 Final portal effect in Unity’s VFX Graph


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