Create advanced visual effects in VFX Graph: Decals | Unity

Total duration : 09min

See how to make use of decals in VFX Graph to create thousands of dynamic, splattering balls of green goo. This video shows how to use the camera depth buffer to calculate the normals for the decals’ projection of the splatter graphics. The demo uses the portal assets from the free Visual Effect Graph Samples. Download it here:

Want to take your technical artwork to the next level? Here’s the complete e-book to getting started with the VFX Graph:

You may also like our video on how to build a portal effect with VFX Graph to transform a ring of particles into a more dynamic effect:

00:00 Introduction to the VFX Graph
00:34 Decal Outputs
00:47 Decal projection
01:14 Setting up the VFX Graph Decal using the goo ball scene
01:53 Projectiles
02:14 Camera Depth Buffer
03:06 GPU Event
04:10 Enable Decals
04:52 Decal Outputs
05:51 Decal orientation
07:42 Main Decals
08:29 Trace Decals
08:48 Drop Decals
09:00 Final goo ball effect with Unity’s VFX Graph


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