Creator Spotlight: Card Shark by Nerial | Devolver Digital

Total duration : 01h38

Join us with Nerial as we dig into the high-stakes world of Card Shark, a new adventure that’s all about playing your opponent's cards right. We’ll be exploring the inspiration behind the game, and the tools and techniques that helped the studio that brought you Reings create a game that feels like a living painting.

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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (
Arnaud de Bock - Designer/producer, Nerial (
Ben Obikoya - Developer, Nerial (
Nicolai Troshinsky - artist/animator/cheat, Nerial (

0:00:00 Show introduction
0:02:10 Team introduction
0:03:16 Trailer
0:04:45 Team origins
0:11:00 Game Synopsis
0:13:40 Gameplay & Commentary
0:16:50 Game Inspiration
0:19:50 Animator Background & Inspiration
0:26:50 Animating in Spine
0:35:50 Dressing a Scene
0:42:35 Sprite Sheet
0:44:00 Character Animation
0:48:00 Event System
1:00:55 Outdoor Scene Lighting
1:03:30 2D Particle effects
1:08:50 Art Style & Texturing
1:12:30 Exaggeration and imperfection
1:14:14 Lighting System
1:21:48 Community Questions
1:36:07 Outro



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