Creator Spotlight: Harold Halibut | Slow Bros.

Total duration : 03h05

Immerse yourself in the handcrafted world of Harold Halibut, as the Slow Bros. team joins us on Twitch for a deep-dive into their singular stop motion adventure game. We’ll look at how the team brought the physical models into the game through photogrammetry, how they built their cutscenes, and get an exclusive tour of the studio where the game is made.

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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (
Onat Hekimoglu - Game Director, Writer, Composer, Slow Bros. (
Ole Tillman - Art Director, Slow Bros. (

0:00 Show Introduction
1:30 Asset Store
5:00 Trailer
8:00 Team Introduction
10:17 Decision to make the game physically
15:40 BuildingGames VS Films
17:50 Working Digitally vs Physically
31:20 In-Editor look
36:40 Cutscene
40:50 Building a cutscene
41:20 Building a cutscene - Articy Draft
44:10 Building a cutscene - Dialogue Generator tool
46:51 Building a cutscene - Timeline
1:02:35 Camera Track - Composing a scene with Cinemachine
1:26:50 Textures & texture optimization
1:43:00 Physical Model - Textures
1:45:50 Release Exhibition
1:47:00 Lighting
2:59:45 Shaders for flickering lights
2:06:40 Fade shader (ShaderGraph)
2:17:20 Move to HD Render Pipeline
2:26:10 “Making Of” Video
2:28:30 Studio Tour (Physical Assets)
2:49:00 What’s in the Box(es)?
2:52:40 A Box Within a Box
2:58:00 Workshop tour
3:02:20 Outro


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