Creator Spotlight: Last Stop | Variable State

Total duration : 03h45

Variable State joins us for a deep-dive into their supernatural adventure game, Last Stop. In this enlightening stream, we explore how Cinemachine and Timeline were leveraged to create the game’s cinematic experience, learn optimization tips that are key for anyone looking to launch on multiple platforms, and answer community questions.

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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (
Lyndon Holland - Director, Design & Music, Variable State (
Nick Preston - 3D Artist & Lighting, Variable State (

0:00 Show intro
1:10 Asset Store
4:05 Trailer
5:22 Team intro
11:40 Directed cameras
24:10 Gameplay and commentary
28:30 Putting a cutscene together - Cinemachine
59:20 Dialogue viewer
1:10:00 Conversation cameras
1:14:00 Dialogue System
2:06:00 Lighting
2:50:10 Optimization techniques
2:08:00 Interactive Music System
3:43:20 Outro



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