Creator Spotlight: Praey for the Gods | No Matter Studios

Total duration : 02h45

You don’t have to go it alone! Check out our Twitch stream with No Matter Studios, and join us on a journey through the forbidden wastelands of Praey For the Gods. From early prototype through Steam Early Access release, the team sheds light on the project’s early days, their kickstarter strategy, and the Unity tools that helped their small team create an open-world adventure filled with colossal dangers.

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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (
Brian Parnell - Director, No Matter Studios (
Tim Wiese - Technical Artist & Programmer, No Matter Studios (
Hung-Chien Liao - Head Programmer, No Matter Studios (

0:00 Show Intro
2:45 Trailer
3:40 Team introduction & history
10:25 Shadow of the Colossus inspiration
11:35 Early Prototype
13:50 Utilizing the Asset Store
20:00 Sharing your project online
22:50 Going Viral
27:00 Making a trailer before a demo
28:00 Staying motivated early
37:00 Kickstarter strategy
39:40 Kickstarter Trailer
41:50 Building the kickstarter trailer
55:00 Kickstarter stretch goals
56:50 Building and porting the game.
57:50 Making the game more approachable
1:04:45 Early Access Trailer
1:07:04 Process behind the trailer
1:11:00 Timeline
1:12:20 Mecanim
1:12:45 Cinemachine
1:14:20 Steam Trailer
1:21:05 Photo Mode
1:46:48 Climbing Collision Painter Tool
1:55:40 Destructible Objects tool
2:01:15 World Chunk Loading Tool
2:08:20 Weather VFX - Storm Cycle
2:13:35 Porting in-house
2:18:00 Porting Janitor Chien
2:24:30 New consoles
2:26:30 Twitch Comments and Questions
2:41:20 Armored Chien and the Glowing Broom
2:42:30 Outro
2:43:08 Monthly Let’s Play


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