Cross-Platform AR in Unity! – AR Foundation Overview

Total duration : 04min

Check out more about AR Foundation, ARCore and ARKit here:

Use the AR Foundation package to add high-level functionality for working with augmented reality. Unity 2018.1 includes built-in multi-platform support for AR. The AR Foundation package wraps this low-level API into a cohesive whole and enhances it with additional utilities, such as AR session lifecycle management and the creation of GameObjects to represent detected features in the environment.

AR Foundation is a set of MonoBehaviours for dealing with devices that support following concepts:

- Planar surface detection
- Point clouds, also known as feature points
- Reference points: an arbitrary position and orientation that the device tracks
- Light estimation: estimates for average color temperature and
brightness in physical space.
- World tracking: tracking the device's position and orientation in physical space.


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