Enhance a top-down game with URP 2D lights | Unity at GDC 2023

Total duration : 20min

2D top-down games can be beautiful, especially if you make the most out of Unity's new features with dynamic lighting, animation, or effects. This session walks you through the new upcoming 2D sample game, designed to help you show examples of high-end 2D art and tech coming together. This talk, in particular, offers a quick overview of some 2D lights and shadows techniques used in the sample.

Get the e-book: https://on.unity.com/42VbUzE

Matt Dondelinger, Developer Advocate (Unity)

0:00 Intro
1:16 2D e-book
2:05 Unity's 2D URP settings
4:10 Different ways to create Normal Maps for 2D
6:58 What are Mask maps in 2D
10:30 Performance/art/gameplay considerations
11:10 Creating ambient lighting
12:00 Creating a sunlight
12:29 Enabling depth effect with Normal Maps
13:02 Creating shadows with negative lighting
13:38 Creating blob shadows
14:13 Creating infinite shadow projection
14:48 Creating finite shadow projection
15:42 Creating shadows for buildings
16:45 More light and shadow possibilities
17:38 Day/night cycle
18:41 Notes on performance
19:20 New features for lights and shadows
#unity #gamedesign #URP
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