Fast C# Scripting in Unity with JetBrains Rider! – Overview

Total duration : 28min

Check out JetBrains Rider here:

JetBrains Rider is a powerful IDE for developing Unity/C# games. Do you find yourself frequently switching between the Unity editor and your C# code? In Rider you’ll get play-mode controls, a log viewer, the Unity explorer, and a test runner right at your fingertips while working with your game code! Rider runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux!

Rider lets you write error-proof code with 2500+ live code inspections, while also having an eye on possible performance pitfalls, like calling GetComponent/Find during Update or using string-based invocations. Over 1000 quick-fixes and 50+ global refactorings allow you to improve your code and keep it working with confidence. Shared settings allow to easily establish a common code style across your team.

The integrated debugger is second to none. Step through any external code as if it was yours - even Unity engine code! Use dependent breakpoints, hit counts, tracing points, breakpoint conditions and more to master complex execution scenarios and threading issues.

As all IDEs from JetBrains, Rider comes with superior code navigation, integrated version control including support for GIT LFS and Perforce, local history to never lose sketched work, and database tooling.


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