How to get started with Vivox and in-game chat | Unity Gaming Services

Total duration : 30min

In this on-demand webinar, we provide an overview of Voice and Text Chat from Vivox and teach you how to get started bringing high-quality voice comms to your multiplayer games – built with any engine, released on any platform.

Helpful resources:
⭐ In-game chat guide for game developers:

⭐ Vivox: Bringing player comms to everyone, everywhere

⭐ Learn more about Vivox:

0:00 Speaker introductions
1:21 Intro to Vivox
4:47 Vivox is trusted by developers worldwide
7:02 New Vivox features
9:01 Vivox is engine and platform agnostic
11:18 How Ramen VR uses Vivox for in-game voice chat
13:42 How to get started with Vivox
25:08 Vivox roadmap

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