How to run continuous experimentations for mobile | Unity at GDC 2023

Total duration : 16min

This session will teach you how to set up a realistic workflow for understanding your players and setting up experiments in your game using Unity Gaming Services like Analytics and Game Overrides. Next, you’ll learn how to run several different types of experiments with your players with services: Push Notifications to test player reengagement, Remote Config to test changes to game logic, and Cloud Content Delivery to deliver and test new content drops. Learn more about Unity Gaming Services:

Speaker: Russell Sng, Developer Advocate, Games Backend Solution

#unity #gamdev #unitygamingservices

0:00 Intro
1:15 How Unity Gaming Services supports testing workflows in Live Games
3:10 Backend services for testing, overview
6:10 Demo in Mainframe sample project
6:30 Pushing changes live to your game with Remote Config
8:07 How to set up A/B testing
9:50 A/B testing with Matchmaker for multiplayer games
13:30 Using Analytics and Custom Dashboards to view results
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