Making Alba: How to build a performant Open-World Game | Unite 2022

Total duration : 32min

Go behind the scenes with the custom tools and technology ustwo Games built to develop Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Manesh guides you through the important dos and don’ts the studio followed in order to create this open-world game that runs on low-end mobile devices.

Manesh Mistry, Lead Programmer (ustwo Games)

If you're interested in joining ustwo Games:

00:00 Intro
00:21 usTwo overview
01:46 Alba: A Wildlife Adventure introduction
04:33 World generation
12:10 Performance challenges
19:10 Foliage rendering
22:43 Burst and Jobs driven LOD
24:16 Hard to profile areas
26:01 Photography mechanic
27:19 Miscellaneous improvements
28:41 Custom analysis tools
31:00 Lessons learned


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