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Total duration : 51min

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss the highlights from the Unity Mobile Insights Report 2022. This 30+ page report covers many aspects about the business of mobile gaming, and features answers to many questions our mobile game dev partners have been asking us for a while.

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0:00 Speaker introductions
4:42 What are the top subgenres of games in app stores by DAU?
9:18 How to conduct a soft launch for your mobile game
14:26 Which games should you advertise in to get the highest CTR, conversions, and retention?
17:34 What are the best ad creatives to use for your game?
21:07 When should you use IAAs over IAPs?
24:28 Choosing how to implement ad placements and which ad format to use
28:04 Key mobile monetization benchmarks
29:21 Summary of key takeaways
31:05 Question 1: How do you make a mobile game with ads?
32:09 Question 2: How did you arrive at the conclusions in the report?
33:19 Question 3: How does ad driven monetization compare to Apple Arcade?
34:42 Question 4: How do you define soft launch?
36:04 Question 5: Interstitial ad frequency during a play session
37:40 Question 6: Is it easy to monetize your game with Unity Ads?
38:46 Question 7: What is the best soft launch strategy for games with multiple languages and personas?
40:03 Question 8: Tips for monetizing a single player game vs a multiplayer game
41:23 Question 9: Are banner ads still worth it?
42:47 Question 10: How has bidding impacted user acquisition?
44:32 Question 11: How to promote your game and build publicity
46:23 Question 12: How do I get more market data around different genres of games?
47:14 Question 13: Are in-app purchases worth it for casual games?
48:16 Question 14: Why are Android CPIs increasing while the CPM is decreasing?
49:20 Question 15: Are there any comparisons between specific ad displays?

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