Principles of Visual Effects with VFX Graph: Episode 1 | Unity Let’s Dev

Total duration : 02h36

Join us as we run through the principles of VFX Graph! We'll be making special potions, falling leaves and fire effects. Gain a better understanding of the VFX Graph’s components, Sin Waves, Randomness and Texture as Data. We take audience suggestions throughout the video to illustrate the flexibility of these concepts.

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Codrin - Technical Artist, Unity (
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (

0:00 Show Intro
2:21 Asset Store
6:27 The 80/20 rule
7:48 What are visual Effects?
9:15 Purpose of the first episode - VFX Fundamentals
11:30 Breaking down VFX in games
12:25 Ghost of Tsushima scene VFX breakdown
13:58 Death Stranding scene VFX breakdown
14:45 Recompile scene VFX breakdown
16:00 The Last Campfire VFX Breakdown
17:25 Basic VFX Graph
30:47 Sin Waves and Modulation
37:20 Making Potions
1:03:00 Chat tells us what potion to make
1:11:40 Noise and Randomness
1:18:00 Falling leaves VFX
1:38:25 It’s Raining Men
1:43:30 Raining hamsters?
1:46:25 Texture as data
1:56:15 Point caches
2:07:20 Built-in Particle system vs VFX Graph (Built-in Particle system vs VFX Graph)
2:11:04 Rendering Flame particles on the mesh
2:15:35 Visualizing the point cache
2:16:40 Apocalypse scene
2:19:40 Turning the car into a point cache
2:27:52 Setting more things on fire for fun
2:32:00 No hamsters were hurt in the making of this stream
2:32:45 Outro


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