Sundance panel highlights - Real-time film production takes center stage

Total duration : 02min

As an Official Partner of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Unity invited the boldest storytellers, creators, and industry leaders to take part in an evening of discussions on the power of real-time and how it’s already revolutionizing the way that movies are created, from pre-visualization to virtual production.

Special guests included Academy Award-winner Ben Grossman of Magnopus and Pixar’s John Halstead, Technical Director for Coco, who discussed transferring film IP to VR. BAFTA winner Habib Zargarpour and Wes Potter of Digital Monarch Media (Blade Runner 2049, Disney’s The Jungle Book, and the upcoming film, Ready Player One) revealed how they use Unity for virtual production. Chris Harvey also demonstrated how the power of real-time brought the short films ADAM: The Mirror and ADAM: Episode 3 to life in a fraction of the time of a traditional production pipeline.


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