The Unity Wētā Tools Roadmap | Unity Wētā Tools

Total duration : 01h01

During our SIGGRAPH 2023 keynote we introduced Unity Wētā Tools. Our vision is to create a suite of products that meets artists where they are, and pairs well with all other major 3D engines and DCCs. This presentation was given by Allan Poore, SVP Unity Wētā Tools and Natalya Tatarchuk, Chief Architect and VP Unity Wētā Tools.

⭐ Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
2:21 Unity Wētā Tools Vision
3:43 Unity Wētā Tools Timeline
5:25 AOUSD standards feat Steve May of Pixar
9:27 Unity Wētā Tools showcase
14:05 Deep Compition spotlight
17:51 Eddy spotlight
23:12 SpeedTree spotlight
28:53 Ziva VFX spotlight
32:48 Wig spotlight
36:57 AI spotlight
37:33 Ziva Real Time spotlight
39:42 Ziva Face Trainer spotlight
40:46 New Demo teaser
42:02 Wētā FX feat Joe Letteri
56:12 AI spotlight continued
1:01:27 Closing remarks

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