UI Toolkit Sample - Dragon Crashers trailer | Unity

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Get a sneak peek at the new official sample project, UI Toolkit Sample – Dragon Crashers, which showcases Unity’s UI Toolkit for runtime games as well as UI Builder workflows.

Inspired by the 2D side-scrolling idle RPG demo Dragon Crashers, the sample project provides examples of game interface layouts and styles, showing both simple and more advanced use cases for the UI Toolkit. It is a companion piece to the upcoming e-book, User interface design and implementation in Unity.

Download the sample for free from the Asset Store to see the latest UI Toolkit features in action: https://on.unity.com/3TY1Ph5

Want more resources? We'll be launching a new, free e-book on UI design and implementation in Unity in the coming weeks. Preregister to receive a copy once it's available: https://on.unity.com/3LmyOrL
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