UIForia: User interface euphoria - Unite Copenhagen

Total duration : 37min

Picture this: Your awesome game is close to shipping, and suddenly you realize that you haven't implemented the player inventory screen! The truth is you've avoided touching the UI in your game as much as possible because the framework you built/borrowed/licensed/stole is too painful to work with. Data binding is a nightmare or just doesn't exist, the layout system is so complicated that you just positioned everything at exact pixel offsets by hand, and for some unknown reason rendering and animating UI takes 60% of your frame time. This is a pretty common story in the game dev world, but UIForia is fixing it. UIForia is a fully-featured UI Engine for Unity that offers lightning-fast data binding, a sophisticated yet approachable layout engine, hot reloadable templates, composable styling, and a very low learning curve. This session from Unite Copenhagen shows how UIForia is helping Klang ship one of the most ambitious MMO games ever.

Speaker: Matt Weichselbaum – Klang Games


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