Unite Berlin - Day 2 Sessions Livestream

Total duration : 00min

For those of you joining us from home, we will be streaming selected sessions live from Berlin! Tune in each day for different topics -- learn all about spatial computing with Magic Leap, dive deep into the technical side of the new prefab system, get a primer on machine learning, and much more.

Day 2 schedule
(Wednesday, June 20 - CEST):

▶️09:00AM: From Pong to 15-Person Project

▶️10:00AM: Book of the Dead: Optimizing Performance for High-End Consoles

▶️11:00AM: ECS, C# Job System and Burst Q&A

▶️12:15PM: Embracing a Visual Vertical Slice and not die trying: The Nautilus Odyssey

▶️01:00PM: Unity 2018 Roadmap

▶️02:00PM: 3D Worldbuilding with ProBuilder: Effective Iteration and Workflow Enhancements

▶️03:15PM: Mobile VR, Programming, rendering

▶️04:15PM: Package Manager: The Evolution of Unity Project Management

▶️05:00PM: Improved Prefab Workflow

▶️06:00PM: Technical Deep Dive into the New Prefab System
12 K 4 60 04min

12 K 12 67 05min

15 K 21 102 05min

11 K 7 66 02min

11 K 2 63 02min

13 K 16 56 01min

12 K 8 70 04min

12 K 15 72 02min



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