Unite Los Angeles 2018 - Day 2 Livestream

Total duration : 00min

For those of you joining us from home, we will be streaming selected sessions live from Los Angeles!

Day 2 schedule
(Wednesday, October 24 - PST):

▶️09:00AM: ECS: Welcome and General Overview

▶️10:00AM: ECS: LOD and Culling Systems That Scale

▶️11:00AM: ECS: Spline-Based AI Agents

▶️01:00PM: ECS: Deep Dive into the Burst Compiler

▶️02:00PM: ECS: Graph Driven Audio in an ECS World

▶️03:00PM: ECS: Building a Living, Breathing World on a Shoestring Budget

▶️04:00PM: ECS: Using the Entity Debugger

▶️05:00PM: ECS: Streaming and Serialization

▶️06:00PM: ECS: The Evolution of the ECS API


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