Unity Creator Spotlight: A Township Tale by Alta

Total duration : 02h43

Join the amazing team at Alta as they give us a crib tour of their open-world RPG VR game, A Township Tale. Boramy and Victor show us how they designed their procedurally generated biomes and cave systems, keep community engaged with a robust content strategy and manage a team of technical as well as non-technical employees by creating built-in Editor solutions.

⭐️ Check out A Township Tale: https://townshiptale.com/
⭐️ Learn more about Unity Game Solutions: https://on.unity.com/3hWyamW
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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/AskAlicePlease)
Hasan Alsaman - Community Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/HalSalmn)
Boramy Unn - Game director, Alta (https://twitter.com/boramyunn)
Victor Nascimento - Engineering Lead, Alta (https://twitter.com/victoreca)

0:00 Show intro
2:20 Asset Store
3:50 Trailer
5:10 Team & Game Intro
11:45 Boramy’s hair
12:40 Game Launcher
19:45 Gameplay & Commentary
20:30 Main Menu & Lobby Customization
27:20 Entering a server
27:45 Hacking a sunrise
28:35 Selfie cam in VR
33:45 Forging Process
40:40 Item recycling
42:20 Social Roles
44:30 Community projects
45:28 3D Space instead of 2D UI
48:45 Open Player Roles
49:40 Trading Stalls & other social elements
54:20 Exploring the caves
1:06:40 Procedurally generating the caves
1:26:00 Other examples of Procedural Generation
1:28:55 Procedural Forest
1:39:00 Tim Tam Slams
1:42:06 World Streaming Tool
1:55:00 Onboarding new team members
2:03:45 Dynamic Skybox
2:10:20 Cosmetic database types
2:12:50 Australian internet
2:14:55 Building workflows
2:20:15 Building the game launcher
2:26:18 Plastic
2:31:40 What is the Metaverse?
2:39:10 Outro

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