Unity Creator Spotlight: Crying Suns by Alt Shift

Total duration : 03h16

Get a comprehensive look behind the scenes on Alt Shift’s hit tactical rogue-lite, Crying Suns. The team covers a wealth of topics as they walk us through the iterative process of building their UI, and explore the custom tools they developed to help deploy the title across multiple platforms.

⭐️ Crying Suns is out now: https://on.unity.com/3gR0GpM
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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/AskAlicePlease)
Mike Geig - Productions, Unity (https://twitter.com/MikeGeig)
Christophe Sauveur - Lead Developer, Alt Shift (https://twitter.com/chsxf)
Mathias Baglioni - UI/UX Lead, Alt Shift (https://twitter.com/Enricobenco)

00:00 Introduction
03:25 Who is Alt Shift and what is"Crying Suns"?
31:13 Look and Feel of the game
37:21 Look and Feel: UI
41:46 Look and Feel: Evolution of UI over time
56:23 Building on multiple platforms
1:28:46 Custom tools for multiplatform development
1:38:39 Using Smart Merge for collaboration
2:03:02 Overriding properties with custom Transform Overrider
2:10:02 Challenges to porting to Switch and mobile



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