Unity Creator Spotlight: Greak: Memories of Azur by Navegante | Unity

Total duration : 02h08

The team from Navegante takes us on an adventure into the gorgeous 2D world of Greak: Memories of Azur! We get a deep dive into how they built the game, from the process of creating their hand-drawn animations to the tools they used to build their levels.

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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/AskAlicePlease)
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/HalSalmn)
Rodrigo Fernández - Programmer, Co-Creator, Navegante Entertainment (https://twitter.com/navegantegames)
Gustavo Alcala - Game Designer, Navegante Entertainment (https://twitter.com/navegantegames)
Anahit Fernández - Producer, Business Development, Navegante Entertainment (https://twitter.com/navegantegames)

0:00 Show Intro
1:40 Asset Store - Super Text Mesh and Peek
5:32 Trailer
7:01 Team & game introduction
9:40 Gameplay & Commentary
21:00 Hand-drawn animation
47:20 2D Level design- Ferr2d terrain tool
52:00 Lighting simulation shader
54:12 Color blending shader
55:25 Exploring the scene
57:30 Cute chicken
57:52 Hub scene exploration
58:45 Importance of QA - Quality Assurance
1:00:03 Work sprite sheet
1:01:10 Overlay shader
1:05:50 2D Water shader
1:13:30 Amplify Color - Creating Mood
1:18:50 Upgrading from Unity 5 to 2019
1:23:05 Live orchestral recording
1:25:20 Coordinating with the orchestra
1:21:00 Optimizing for Switch - Multi-platform
1:37:55 Avoiding technical debt while upgrading projects
1:41:20 Debug menu
1:51:00 Localization
1:58:45 More Gameplay and Q&A
2:06:12 Outro



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