Unity Creator Spotlight: The Falconeer by Tomas Sala

Total duration : 02h39

We’re joined by solo developer Tomas Sala on Twitch for deep-dive into the development of The Falconeer. In a candid chat Tomas shares advice for aspiring devs and the challenges of solo development, and goes into the engine to show the process he used to create the gorgeous graphics for this singular open-world aerial combat game.

⭐️ Check out The Falconeer: https://on.unity.com/3gQ4wQ2
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Carol Trang - Program Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/AskAlicePlease)
Hasan Al Salman - Community Manager, Unity (https://twitter.com/HalSalmn)
Tomas Sala - Creator, The Falconeer (https://twitter.com/FalconeerDev)

0:00 Show Intro
1:00 Asset Store
2:10 Tail animator asset trailer
5:40 Trailer
7:10 Tomas Sala & The Falconeer Intro
11:30 Being a launch day title
13:40 Switch Launch
14:20 Tomas’ advice when releasing your game
15:50 Game reviews - Outside perception
21:30 Working in the public sphere
24:40 Playtesting during a pandemic
28:50 Project organization (Community Q&A)
32:20 Motivation & Finding the fun early
34:30 Early Demo for the Falconeer
38:00 Community Suggestions
46:00 Diving into the Artstyle
56:40 In Editor - Kitbashing
58:50 Day/Night cycle
1:02:20 Ubiquitous shaders
1:03:35 Low-Poly in The Falconeer
1:06:00 Kitbashing meets Destruction
1:07:20 Lighting
1:08:45 Flood Lights
1:10:40 Keeping your project slim
1:11:45 Find your visual pillars
1:14:40 Quality before post-processing
1:16:20 Color blending
1:18:20 Post-Processing breakdown
1:19:35 Optimizing for different devices
1:23:45 Colliders
1:27:32 Ocean
1:31:40 Ocean Shader Graph
1:34:20 Buoyancy
1:37:28 Ocean shape
1:39:45 Depth blend
1:43:40 NPC Character Randomizer
1:52:06 Snacks!
1:53:00 Clouds
2:09:35 Landmarks & Orientation
2:11:00 Displacing the Ocean & World Design
2:16:15 Twitch Chat Questions
2:19:10 Tail Animator by Fimpossible
2:20:40 Flying mechanics & Animation
2:24:00 Twitch Chat Q&A
2:26:15 Choosing a publisher
2:30:02 More Twitch Chat Q&A
2:37:15 Outro



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