Unity for animation: Creators at Annecy 2022 | Unity

Total duration : 01min

The Annecy International Animation Festival 2022 was a great celebration of all things animation. Throughout the week, we invited inspiring creators to present their projects and animations, all made with Unity. Check out some highlighted creators in the sizzle.

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0:00 Pacific Rim but Cute - Little Mountain Animation
0:06 Enemies - Unity
0:13 Particle Ink Metaverse - ICVR | Kaleidoco
0:26 On the Morning You Wake (to the End of the World) - Atlas V | Archer’s Mark
0:35 Journey to Yourland - The Pack | BFILM | Platoon
0:43 World of Hiroshige - UTS Animal Logic Academy
0:46 Beaver & Co. - Studio Manette | Plip! Animation
0:48 “Mikonote - fine, sometimes dark” - ©Majorca Inc. ©Drecom Co., Ltd
0:53 Empty Space - VRFX Realtime Studio LLC


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