Unity Game Studios Report 2018 Fireside Chat

Total duration : 01h22

To read the full report, please visit our dedicated site - https://create.unity3d.com/game-studio-report

The Unity Game Studio Report 2018 was put together to share relevant benchmarking data with emerging studios, and help them understand how fellow creative teams operate and make successful games. The report provides a richly detailed snapshot of the practices and choices required of independent studios to forge their own path to success. To highlight the story behind the report findings, we held this fireside chat with a panel that includes Jo Twist (CEO, UKIE), Will Goldstone (Product Manager, Unity), Ciro Continisio (Technical Evangelist, Unity) and Peter Pimley (Developer Relations Engineer, Unity).

*Please note* : Some of the statistics in the Unity Game Studio Report 2018 were adjusted after the recording of this video. However, the general trends discussed in it remain the same. We apologize for any inconvenience/confusion, thanks.
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