Unity Gaming Services: What's Ahead for 2023 | Unite 2022

Total duration : 52min

Unity Gaming Services, the modular platform for live game development, launched in June and is regularly releasing new services and features to help developers build live game foundations, engage players, and grow their games. In this video, you will hear from the UGS product team on what’s coming soon for multiplayer, community solutions, and player engagement.

Learn more about Unity Gaming Services: https://on.unity.com/3UlOVct

Speaker: Joanna Van Gansen, Senior Director, Product, Unity Gaming Services (Unity)

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Launched in June 2022
02:30 Solving Developer Challenges
03:30 Looking back
05:21 Multiplayer Game Server Hosting and Matchmaker Demo
12:00 Bring Your Own ID
13:17 Cloud Code and External Services
16:32 Voice on Mobile
19:05 Analytics Funnel
21:00 LiveOps Calendar
23:25 What’s coming next from UGS
24:30 Matchmaker A/B testing
26:35 Voice Analysis: Toxicity
29:58 User Generated Content
35:52 Leaderboards
38:26 Friends and Groups
38:50 Audio Plugin
41:30 Cloud Diagnostic advance
43:58 Custom Dashboards
45:56 Custom App Event Targeting
48:35 Ad Controls
51:37 Stay Up to Date


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