VICKY: A 1-hour brainstorming technique for game jams - Unite Copenhagen

Total duration : 30min

The Game Equation workshop is an activity to do with clients to come up with game ideas. It produces some robust ideas that are thoroughly thought through. But the process takes about a week. VICKY (Values, Interests, Crazy 8s, Keepers, Yes and) is a series of exercises you can go through in about an hour with a team of 5. It takes the concepts of the Game Equation workshop and turns it into a brief guided brainstorming session designed for progress and to avoid gridlock. This produces game ideas that are a bit higher level than a weeklong workshop, but it can put you on a great path. Learn how to use VICKY. In this video, you'll gain an understanding of each step so that you can mold this workshop to your own needs.

Speaker: Kevin Harper - ustwo


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