Volumetrics: Introduction to ray marching tutorial | Unity

Total duration : 11min

Let’s get our heads in the clouds! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to construct a cloud in Unity in three stages.

If you want to follow along with this video, download the project from GitHub: https://github.com/NikLever/Unity-URP-Cookbook

This tutorial comes from a recipe featured in our"Recipes for popular visual effects using the Universal Render Pipeline” e-book: https://on.unity.com/3OMqfbD

[0:00] Intro
[0:28] Cloud construction
[1:21] Create a simple sphere within the boundaries of a cube mesh
[2:00] Use 3D textures to define the cloud shape
[6:11] Add lighting to create cloud highlights and shadows

#unity #gamdev #URP


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